Missing Prepositions

Supply the missing prepositions into the following sentences. Leave the input field empty if necessary:

1 She is getting married a famous actor.
2 There is no need to shout me, it's not my fault.
3 We get the station just time to catch the train.
4 Luckily the train didn't leave time.
5 Your car is alright now, I've taken care it.
6 Everything depends the meeting next week.
7 This food is terrible! I insist seeing the manager.
8 How old is your son? He is eight .
9 I hate my job. I'm going to give my notice.
10 What's amnesia? It's loss memory.
11 It's all right. I'll pay the drinks.
12 He really works a slave.
13 Do you know what the meeting is ?
14 We only know him sight.
15 I would choose the one on the left.
16 Before I buy the coat I would like to try it please.
17 He told me it was a good film.
18 I started work the age of 18.
19 We always stay our friends when we go to Paris.
20 He sold the restaurant a profit.
21 He is going home.
22 Our office is the sixth floor.
23 I want you to look the bottom of the page.
24 The trouble is you never concentrate what you are doing.
25 In winter I often have to go to work foot.
26 We stayed in and watched television last night.
27 I'm sorry the room is a terrible mess.
28 I'm not interested what happened.
29 We were the same class at university.
30 Why don't you apply that job?
31 One ten gets this question wrong.
32 The English are very proud their language.
33 Don't misunderstand me, it's not a criticism you.
34 He was very angry his secretary.
35 He went on and on, I just couldn't get a word .
36 Do you know this book Dickens?
37 I have absolutely no interest politics at all.
38 Never be afraid taking a chance.
39 We always go to England Christmas.
40 We would like you to take part the conference.
41 I'm sorry I haven't got any money me.
42 I was never very good mathematics at school.
43 Have you ever been Paris?
44 my opinion you are wrong.
45 I'll see you three o'clock.
46 That company is famous its products.
47 Let's talk about it a cup of coffee.
48 You look very nice the photograph.
49 There's no need to worry the problem.
50 I need someone to look the children because we are going out on Saturday night.
51 We are still waiting an answer.
52 Could you tell me what platform the Bristol train leaves ?
53 Come on it's time to get ready bed.
54 Work is never very busy this time of year.
55 I prefer tea coffee.
56 I learnt it school.
57 My wife spent £30 a week food.
58 He is going to work.

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